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Technical features

1. Pine, Pinus, leaf, c.s.
2. Pine, one-year stem, c.s.
3. Pine, 10-year stem, c.s.
4. Pine, Male Globose fruit, l.s.
5. Pine, Female Globose fruit, l.s.
6. Pine, Pollens, w.m.
7. Ranunculus, root, c.s.
8. Corn (Zea Mays), root, c.s.
9. Mitosis, onion root tips, sec.
10. Pelargonium stem, c.s.
11. Corn (Zea Mays), stem, c.s.
12. Corn (Zea Mays), stem, l.s.
13. Helianthus, young stem, c.s.
14. Tilia, one year stem, c.s.
15. Tilia, three year stem, c.s.
16. Lily, leaf, c.s.
17. Ficus, leaf with foveolate stomas, c.s.
18. Three types of plant leafs, c.s.
19. Lily Pollen, w.m.
20. Lily Anther, c.s.
21. Lily Ovary, c.s.
22. Meiosis, c.s. of Lilium anthers showing different stages
23. Capsella, young embryo, sec.
24. Capsella, middle embryo, sec.
25. Capsella, old embryo, sec.