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Trinocular LED microscope for immersion darkfield technique


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Products description

The B-500 microscopes have been designed for the best performance in routine laboratory use.
In the B-500 series, the two worlds of infinity-corrected and 160 mm optical system find the way to meet each other.
With an exclusive optical system (InfiniFiXTM - IFX) the B-500 series uses a true infinity-corrected optical path, implemented
with standard 160 mm objectives A new high-efficiency single chip LED works in combination with a special optical lens, which allows to double the intensity of the light generated by the LED itself.
The result is a quantity of light equivalent to the light generated by a normal 30-35W halogen bulb, but with a colour temperature of 6300°K. It means white light instead of the yellow one produced by halogen bulbs.
The electrical consumption (3.6W only) shows the high efficiency of the system: same light intensity with less than 10% of the consumption of a normal halogen bulb.
Last but not least, the lifetime of our LED: 50.000 hours, insted of 1.500 hours ...! Optika B500 TDK combines Two great solutions together:
- our 1.36 - 1.25 N.A. special extra efficient darkfield condenser
- OPTIKA X-LEDTM illuminator

The result is:: Optika immersion darkfield system provides the same result achieved by 150W external illuminators.

Technical features

Head: Trinocular 360°rotating 30° inclined
Oculars: Wide Field 10X / 22 mm
Objectives: Plan Achromatic 40x, 10x, 40x. Special 100x immersion darkfield objective (with iris diaphragm)
Revolver :Quintuple reversed
Stage: Double layer with mechanical sliding stage, 175x145 mm
Focusing:Coaxial coarse and fine focusing system, with focusing stop mechanism
Condenser: 1.25 N.A. Abbe type, with centring system.
Additional immersion darkfield condenser N.A. 1.36, that gives you the same results as a ilumination system of 150W.
Illumination: OPTIKA X-LEDTM illuminator, equivalent to a 150W Halogen lamp.