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Curso Microscopia

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Microscopy Multimedia course

Curso Micros

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The multimedia Microscopy course is a guide meant for a  scientific use the microscope. It has been created for the use according to the different needs of the user, possesses 1421 images with a resolution of 800x600 pixels and has a capacity of 1,7 GB.
It is possible to print texts and present photography on the course.

Structure and contents I study 1.
The course has split into four parts.
. In the first one the following arguments are confronted:
- Use of the microscope
- Principal characteristics of the instrument
- Oculars and Objectives
- Skills of preparation of the samples
- Observation of samples on bright field.
- Observation of samples for immersion
- Microscopy for phase contrast
- Microscopy for fluorescence
- Microscopy for dark field
- Microscopy for polarizing light
- Microscopy confocal
- Estereomicroscopy
- Inverted microscopes
- Electronic microscope
- Microscopy and graphics
. The second part is formed by easily realizable exercises
and that do not need costly material.
. The third part allows the user to verify related concepts
with the use of the program. It is structured by questions
related to the first two sections.
. The fourth part is dedicated to the photography with the microscope.
they give the theoretical - practical bases of the photography and appear
the fundamental mechanisms to realize it.
The appendix of conclusion of the course includes a section on the maintenance
of the microscope and an essential bibliography that allows to
user to study in depth the topics treated in the CD.

Structure and contents on course 2.

The multimedia course realized with a simple and intuitive graphics,
it allows easy and comfortable consultations. Likewise it turns into one
important instrument for the preparation of the pupils.
The DVD is constituted by 1000 files, of which 800 are
images and diverse videos and it possesses a capacity of 1,5 GB.
With the course it is possible to study in depth the study of a textile
belonging to a certain organ realizing the search of
anatomical real samples, analyzing and visualizing the samples
anatomical of the prepared microscopic ones.
It is possible to extract functional and special characteristics, allowing
to the pupil to become accustomed to the recognition of the structure
anatomical of the analyzed topics. In the DVD they have been included
radiographies, TAC and RMN who allow to analyze structures or
pathologies, constituting a very useful material for the pupil. Others
important components of the course are samples of pathology,
paraxitología and physiology.
Also one refers to textiles and anatomical structures between
vertebrates, allowing the pupil to understand easily
morphologic adaptations, you structure and physiological of the textiles.
In the DVD small indications of the systematical one are included of
alive beings.

Requisites of the system:
- Processor PentiumTM 100 or Superior;
- Memory RAM of 16 Mb (32 Mb are advised);
- Graphic card of 2 or 4 Mb programmed in 64000 (option
rapid) or 16 million colors (maximum option of
quality of the image);
-  CD - ROM of at least, 12x;
- 10 Mb of free space on the hard disk.
It is possible to print texts and present photography on the CD.